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We are not interested in quantity but quality, in every aspect. We put emphasis on the highest quality, nobility, uniqueness, authenticity and focus on the finest nuances of taste. The phrase “choice drink” says it all. It also includes unique and innovative production procedures of spirits. It is irrelevant whether the ingenious idea behind the drink was created one year ago or if it is an inimitable procedure dating back to ancient times.


It is a pleasant paradox. Globalization and means of fast travel allowed us to discover unique local pearls from unknown distilleries. Nowadays, small producers naturally compete with large ones and bring original products to the market. Jewels with unique taste are created by blenders who prepare unique combinations of colors, aromas and flavors across all continents. Distance, availability, origin and size do not matter. The only thing of importance is the discovery of new horizons and the intensity of taste.


The preferences of spirit-lovers change over time. The Czech population discovered the charm of sugarcane rums several years ago, and now they are enticed by the nuances of gins. In addition, whisky is also experiencing renewed interest. The taste variety of noble spirits allows consumers to refine their tastes, to grow and increase their demands. This represents a great challenge for manufacturers, us as importers and distributors, as well as bartenders and dealers. We all “raise” our customers, meet all their wishes, guide them on the exciting path of discovery of amazing tastes and flavors.


Good friends and good drinks go together. The ideal situation is when a friendly (as well as professional, of course) relationship is established between business partners. And how else than with premium spirits? Here, the rational law of business meets positive emotions invoked by the touching of glasses. Breaking and melting ice serves as a premise for shared future success.


Our portfolio includes such a large quantity of unique products that it is impossible to list all of them in this short introduction. However, each of the brands offered by UPB deserves its five star rating, and this applies to all aspects of these premium drinks. You too will surely find your “star” among what we offer.

Our Ambassadors

Jan Albrecht
Jan Albrecht

Rum & Cigar

Milan Zaleš
Milan Zaleš


Zdeněk Zajíc
Zdeněk Zajíc


Filip Jančárek
Filip Jančárek


Lukáš Hanzl
Lukáš Hanzl

Rum Expert


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About UPB

We, Ultra Premium Brands, are an independent, authorized, dynamic importer and distributor of the best and most luxurious alcoholic beverages. The foundation of our company dates back to 1992, when we underwent a long and demanding trip to discover the most interesting alcoholic beverages in the world. We believe that our portfolio proves our success so far; however, this does not mean that our work is done. On the contrary: we are still searching and expanding our collection, and you are welcome to join us if you wish.

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